Sunday, March 01, 2009

new MUM poster


Some other bits and pieces to post soon.

In other news, it's so weird when people come up to me at gigs and stuff and talk about my posters. It always kinda cracks me up and I feel like I end up accidentally coming off as a bit of a prick. It's very flattering, but I just react by being a bit of a knob I think. So yeah, if you read this, it's very much appreciated, and if I seemed like a dick.. well.. maybe I actually am, but I wasn't meaning to be. oh dear


Ashleigh said...

I got excited and thought this was múm for a second.
but it's not.

Tim D said...

Brills and skills.

Larissa said...

good job tiger
good job

MacraMillion said...

nice teats!