Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Sneaks poster - process thread

This is the final poster, in jpg form. I started this on Sunday 25th of Feb and worked on it all night and almost all the next day. It was quite hardout and tiring. I enjoyed it though.
This is the initial concept. The sketch is actually about 3 years old. I remembered it really vividly and had to trawl through my sketchbooks to find it after I was having major trouble drawing pretty much the same thing. There's about 3 pages of awful crappy sketches trying to capture something along those lines.
Started drawing it up, throwing in the text and general dickery, trying to figure out the layout of the laser beams.

A bit more playing around. I dropped the lines out while I worked on the character. The left hand took aaaaaaages to get right. Many many revisions.

Not exactly an indepth process thread, as we didn't take photos as we went, but here's a pile of the prints after we'd laid down the grey.

There's our vacuum table

Final prints. These were completed on Saturday afternoon. I had so little sleep during the week due to working on this and my own work that it blew me away a little think that it'd gone from not existing at all, to being a 3 colour print in under a week.

One of the final prints. It's not perfect (we had big problems exposing the screens, I think the emulsion was nearing expiration) and lost a bit of a detail in the text at the bottom. We patched it up with a small stencil afterwards. Some registration errors, but there were only about 2 prints that were so wildy out that they were trash. I'd worked a bit of mess and chum into the original design so anything that happened during printing wouldn't be too detrimental to the overall image. phew!

All up, this is our first successful print run, and I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out. They're up around town and the uni's now apparently. I'll have to go check it out before they're inevitably postered over with crappy A3 black and white xeroxed WordArt pieces of shit. I'm such a hater.

Either way, I'm really looking forward to playing this show. The Sneaks are awesome, and it's going to be Universe's first ever show. Should be a lot of fun!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Another fauxposter for that magazine in Melbourne. I have enough saved images as this one evolved that I could probably post some sort of process thread about it if anyone is interested.
Might retrofit this for a Fighting the Shakes poster one day.

I've got a couple of *real* gigposter jobs coming up very shortly, finally. It's been a while.
Started a new job this week too, which is good cuz being poor suuuucks (no really).

Thursday, February 15, 2007 Playing Cards: Deck #3

Earlier in the year I was stoked to be selected to do a card for the new card deck. The last two have had some incredible artists involved.. as has this one. Anyway, here's my card. I decided to run with a variation of the poster that earned me Poster of the Week on the site last year. Seemed fitting.

Monday, February 12, 2007

this is a companion graphic for a magazine interview of said band. The mag asked me to do faux gigposters for each of the interviews. This is the first. I like it a lot.. it's quite different from any other stuff I've done, as I'm usually resistant to using outside elements like photos or clipart or whatever. But I was digging around trying to scratch up some inspiration for this poster and stumbled across a photo of a young Joseph Stalin and it 'spoke' to me.
I like this image a lot and I'll rework it into either a proper gigposter or an art print. Kinda tempted to track down childhood images of other genocidal psychopaths through history and make a series.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

kinda random...

a friend of mine linked me to a site tonight that featured a photo of a stencil on Symonds St in auckland circa 2005 as seen here:

looks like someone liked the poster below enough to make stencil of it. Pretty weird and oddly flattering in a "why?" kind of way....... it looks kinda naff out of context of the rest of the poster...

incidentally, I have copies of this poster available for sale (a3 2 colour screen prints), as well as very limited art prints of it that look like this: