Sunday, January 27, 2008


A blog called You the Designer recently made a post titled '16 Sensational Poster Designs'. I was pretty amazed to see the recent poster I did for The National in there. Like really really pretty amazed. What's funny/sad is the poster wasn't used very extensively to promote the gig at all. But hey, now shitloads of people have gotten to see it.

so yeah, that's news.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Half-Handed Cloud

Poster for a show that's pretty soon. This one was also pretty much all done in Flash, bar a couple of modifications at the end in photoshop.
This was sposed to just be a quick and dirty one, but I'm beginning to realise any time I agree to do a poster I can't bring myself to kinda phone it in. Orrr I go and do timeconsuming things like adjust all the types layout by hand to make it appear more random, less rigid.
Also, part of this poster is in part a tip of the hat to Little Friends of Printmaking... not that they'll care, but they're a huge inspiration to me, and I do my best not to rip 'em off where possible. I haven't seen anything new from them for a little while, but I think they transitioned from the gigposter pasture to the far more fertile land of uh.. doing something you'll actually get paid well for.

Anyway, I started this around midnight and finished at about 6:30-7 this morning. I should prrrobably go to bed.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


click for embiggened versions. although there's still more detail you might not really see on that version. I like this umm... AIDS gun? Whatever it is. This was all created in Flash. It's also motivated me to get hold of a Wacom Cintiq 12WX... as much as I like drawing into the comp with my tablet, I have trouble with the whole look one place, draw another thing... stuff takes me far longer than it really should, and I think one of those new tablets would increase my productivity greatly. Will find out as soon as I can source one in NZ, or sort out how to ship one from the US. glee!