Thursday, January 03, 2008


click for embiggened versions. although there's still more detail you might not really see on that version. I like this umm... AIDS gun? Whatever it is. This was all created in Flash. It's also motivated me to get hold of a Wacom Cintiq 12WX... as much as I like drawing into the comp with my tablet, I have trouble with the whole look one place, draw another thing... stuff takes me far longer than it really should, and I think one of those new tablets would increase my productivity greatly. Will find out as soon as I can source one in NZ, or sort out how to ship one from the US. glee!


Larissa_T said...

you can make posters in flash?

Smoothfluid said...

Super nice work. Good luck finding a Cintiq. Hope you don't have to sell a kidney, those things are like gold (and cost even more) I'm sticking with my wacom, but obviously need to hone my skills looking at your work ;o)

… looks like some people do read your blog after all