Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Album of the Year?

I hate when people say something they've only just heard is THE BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR. But I'm going to tentatively put forward Screens by the Mint Chicks for consideration.  I've never heard anything quite like this.

Kanye West wacked on about 808's and Heartbreak being 'a new kind of music' but honestly, maybe it is for him, but it wasn't THAT ground-breaking, although I do like it. This album is definitely something new. I can't even make a direct comparison. Best I can offer at the moment is, it sounds like the Mint Chicks.

And I'm not even being biased.. I was a little hesitant about this record cuz a couple of the demos they put out didn't really blow me away. But reworked for this record from there, they make perfectly imperfect sense.

so buy it.


B Cool said...

I want this album hard, but dont get paid until next wednesday. Bring tonight, I will steal/buy copy next week or something

Blair said...

Except for it sounding quite a bit like Pop Levi you'd be correct Hadley.