Tuesday, February 17, 2009

now that's an... uh.. thing

next year it'll be quicker to type 2010 than 2k10. Well, about the same anyway. But the k will become redundant. WOAH! But. Maybe it's just because I'm a dork and like to add things like 2k8 (2k9 now) to the end of phrases or objects. Only in an online text manner of course, I don't go round saying it out loud like some kind of guy who does occasionally say "lol". Ironically of course. But anyway yes, the 2k8 usage... like... umm.. superfalloutboyparty2k9!!#@% or something. this seemed vaguely interesting when I started writing it but now I realise I was wrong. It is retarded. Thanks for sticking with me thus far though. I means a lot. If you've read this far (well just a little farther), I instantly love you.


Larissa said...

no seriously
i fuckin love you

and your poster is very awe-inspiring... even though i already told you... i'll tell you again
because yeah..

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing, man. How'd you texture the trees? Or is that a trade secret?