Monday, July 28, 2008

something by someone else

I was poking about last night and came across this post about artist Leesa Leva's new prints. the photo on the blog intrigued me so I did the usual internet thing and meandered my way to success. Success being spending money I probably shouldn't. But I spent it on this really impressive piece of work.

Now I'm not normally a big fan of the whole pictures-of-girls thing. You know what I mean, right?   Hell, this piece features a few things I'm kind of sick of seeing... ornate wallpaper textures, really vibrant gradients... okay that many things. .. basically I'm just not that into stuff that's just a basically drawing of some girl. And it's not because I think they look shitty or anything, most of the artists doing 'em make really nice stuff, but it's never really spoken to me. But this one did. Exactly what it said, I'm unsure. "Buy me" probably. Whatever, it clicked with me. Got the same thing from other work on her site... I might not know exactly what the pictures are about but I can tell there's more depth to it than just "ooh pretty". 

Anyway, I love this. A lot! The linework around her face reminds me of James Jeans work a little, and that hair is fantastic! But it just looks so complete, and has an iconic feel to it. I'm excited about acquiring it.

The other weird thing (I guess) is I don't even think the girl in the picture is hot haha.. pretty much the polar opposite of my "type". Perhaps I'm missing the point of pictures-of-girls.


Actually, it looks a bit like Jemina the singer from kickass  band, Be Your Own Pet.

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