Monday, July 14, 2008


   I was (not so recently) invited to be part of an exhibition being put together by the COCA gallery in Christchurch. An exhibition of skateboard decks all prettied up. And they'd send me a deck to ruin. Given I'm pretty intimidated by painting (or anything artwork related that lacks a Ctrl+Z) it took a while to suss out what and how I was gonna do this project. Got there in the end. lots of layers of paint, sanding and varnish. And woodworking. I hadn't done anything with woodworking tools since I was like fuckin 12.  Somehow I managed to not make a complete hash of it. There's a few issues I have with the piece, but nothing major enough for me to feel apprehensive about it going in the show haha.

without further a blabber, here is the deck, titled.... uh.. I'll get back to you on that one. No wait, Monstroso! it's called Monstroso.



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