Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brian Jonestown Massacre tour poster


Tour poster. something a bit different again. Tried to mix psychedelic with  my own style (whatever that is) into something vaguely movie poster-ish,

I think a fair bit of my near-obsessive love for The Venture Bros. found its way in there too. Season 3 is absolutely ridiculous so far. So good. Although for some reason no matter how often I recommend this show to people never seem to bother to check it out. Their loss I spose.


Larissa_T said...

i'm liking the change in hand colour from what you originally had.
looks good looks good.

Tim D said...

No shit, I saw these guys in Paris a few weeks ago.

Great poster!

Lucinda said...

Dang bruv, I love that poster.

We stole one from Radio One after the show was over and it resides proudly on our wall in our flat.

Damn sweet poster.