Thursday, January 25, 2007


It's probably a bit sadguy to post something that got rejected, but I like it, so whatevs.
Meg got approached about doing some t-shirt concept designs for the Black Seeds, but passed the job off to me. This is one of the ones I did. I was kinda surpised it got the brush actually. I thought it suited them in a way that's a little different from their other stuff, and coulda potentially been a uni-sex print too. No biggie though, that's how these things go at times. Now that I think about it, I should try to get some feedback from 'em.


Anonymous said...

What the deuce?! This is fucken cool. I think you should do some up yourself and sell them as unofficial merch. Watch sales of this overtake their committee-designed, brown-on-camel, retro-for-the-sake-of-it Cuba St-friendly pap.

Larissa_T said...

yeah that's really weird ... the font is pretty incredible. i'd use it for something else.

gina lash said...

ah kiddo i love this.
you wanganui freaks own at type.

Autistk said...

thanks guys! yeah, I was sorta surprised, but shit happens, I ain't bitter.

also, gina, I was so not a type guy at tech.. I *hated* all the type geeks, painful pathetic little creatures!! I'd consider that logo more illustration than anything... but yeah, it's pretty fuckin rad. Silly black seeds.

gina lash said...


type geeks would love this.

Autistk said...

DOWN WITH TYPE! not really, but it's not my most favouritest thing in the world. I'm enjoying handdrawing type at the moment though.

but yeah, tell all your friends haha. I need blog-groupies.... blogroupies?

Anonymous said...

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