Thursday, January 18, 2007

I saw a video over on Drawn.Ca yesterday and thought "goddamn, those pens look sweet!". Turns out it's a Faber-Castell Pitt brush pen. Went to visit my friend Bree who works at Gordon Harris (formerly Little Johns, as some of you may have known it) and while I poked around their pen selection, what should I find? Yep, the very same pen. Only $4 too, which was a lot cheaper than I expected. Anyway, got home and gave it a test run, doodling on the back of an envelope. Here's a thing, I added the grey tones in photoshop. I think this, in combination with the much thick and more brushlike Tria pen could result in some sexy uh.. results. Sexier results than this bland subject matter anyway. He kinda looks a bit like my sisters boyfriend. If he wasn't that well drawn... and angrier than usual. and by some trees and a cloud. and grey.


Larissa_T said...

this is something i can and should send you!
they run out really fast though.
nice drawings h-dawg. now i know you're worthy of the brush pen, they shall be at your dispense... sort of.

Scheurbert said...

Oh yeah boyee, those Pitt brush pens are the bomb. They're a bit fragile though or maybe I'm just hard on them but the second time I use them the small point splits on me and makes the pen less cool. I'll got some india ink and horsehair brushes which are a bit more hardy but less convenient to use.

Autistk said...

I'm still a cackhand with proper brushes. thus far the pen hasn't given up the ghost, but we shall see!