Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I've been sketching random crap lately (as ever) and decided to scan and colour stuff up, just for the hell of it. So yeah... here's one of the things. linework was roughly drawn with a Letraset Tria pen filled with black ink. I'm still getting the hang of it. I'd really like a Pentel or Pitt brush pen though, their brush nibs are a lot finer and would suit how small I tend to draw. Still, using the Tria has been good practice working with something of normal brush-like sizes. I haven't tried painting since I've used it so I dunno if it'll improve my technique any. We'll see.

Stream of conciousness sketching. Hipster lightning bolts! It's a shame I drew the guys head so jock-like, but I'm still a bit rubbish at drawing peoples faces, so it's generally not up to me how they end up looking. Practice practice!


Anonymous said...

So like, the top one.
Let This City Sunrise use it. At least the heart, moon and star.

Do it. I hate you.

Autistk said...

haha man you guys are such queers!