Friday, December 05, 2008



It feels like forever since I did a poster. Been so mad with exhibition planning and the like that actual work has been sidelined a little.

Anyway, here's a poster for a Xmas show. I was a bit stuck on this one conceptually, then after thinking about the name Antagonist, the Grinch seemed perfect.  So that's what I did.

This one's notable for being the first time I've probably intentionally infringed on someones copyright somewhat. By which I mean, done an interpretation of an established character. I've never felt comfortable with my drawing style (for what its worth) enough to attempt it... but, well... I guess I do now. feel comfortable enough to do it I mean. for a finished piece o' work.

I'm very tired. Was up late, then couldn't get to sleep for some stupid reason, and when I DID sleep, it was pretty uneven.  I'm sposed to be called up for a radio interview about my exhib, but they're 20 mins late so far.  How wude! I imagine I'd be fairly low priority though.

Speaking of radio interviews, I'll be live on air at Radioactive on Tues night, and on VBC on Weds night. A regular man about town I am.

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