Saturday, December 20, 2008

Comeback Kid

This is kinda pretty different for me. Or at least I feel like it is. First time I've tried doing the 'picture of a chick' poster. This was at the promoters request pretty much, and I struggled with it for a while before I found my direction. I didn't agonise over the line work too much either and it worked out pretty well... doesn't look as loose as it is. Or something. Either way, I like this poster a lot. I like it more now than when I finished it a couple of nights ago too. I might rip the text off this and work on it a little more. Turn it into an art print. Could potentially be a good series. Give me an excuse to practice drawing faces anyway. I used photo references pretty heavily, but modified it all enough that hopefully no one sees themselves and gets offended. or stoked. haha. That just gave me an idea....

oh yeah, I own a couple of Brian Ewing's gig posters. His work definitely had an influence on this poster.

oh oh yeah, my camera was out of batteries on exhibition opening night so no photos I'm afraid. I'll take some photos when I go in next though. And anyone out of town who was interested in prints, hit me up. The opening was insane though!  So many people. The free booze didn't last long at all, but people seemed to stick around for a while. It was a weird experience. I'm still processing it somewhat. I'll write more soon, and put up pics.

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