Wednesday, August 12, 2009

42Unheard Illustration


Hey cool dudes, here’s a thing I did about a month ago, and just now stumbled across the final image. Above is how it looked when it left my hands. See the final dealio below.

I knew they were going to change things, but not that drastically. Still, the cut-out aesthetic works pretty well. I don’t luuuuurve it, but it’s a definitely not what I was expecting, and it’s interesting to see. I like the hanging signs/clouds (too bad that url text block isn’t hung too.. blows the illusion a bit)

I am bummed to see feature elements from my original layout  (the skull and balloons) recycled multiple times though… that’s one of my biggest personal design/illustration peeves that I try to avoid as much as possible, although time’s generally the deciding factor.

As per usual, no doubt saying all of this ( is woefully unprofessional, but for whatever reason (just not ruthless enough?), I don’t mind theoretically crippling my career by being honest. But just so it’s clear, I don’t hate it, and I’m not having a sook. I thought it might be interesting (I know there’s a few upcoming designers who sometimes read this blog) to give an example about how things can sometimes go. This is very very chilled out compared to some other experiences.


and just for kicks, cuz I really liked how it turned out, is my intial sketch for the general concept. this was using speakers in place of mouths with cut off wire tongues (disappointed they wussed out and went with a fully betongued version) but apparently it wasn’t clear enough. I dunno…  Design by committee seems the swiftest way to completely suck the life and personality out of something. I’ll be more careful in future.



Tim D said...

Weird. They just made it shitter. Especially the typography.

Tim D said...

Thanks for the insight btw man! Real interesting, albeit a bit depressing.

bencurious said...

Love the initial sketch! Water colour is it or felt? Gives it a nice feel! I do like the clouds they used... does not look like vector, kinda cool to mix it up a weee bit!

bencurious said...

Love the initial sketch! Water colour is it or felt? Gives it a nice feel! I do like the clouds they used... does not look like vector, kinda cool to mix it up a weee bit!

Anonymous said...

.. it's the client here, 42below, I thought you might like to understand how it ended as is it did.
The initial image was fantastic, but this project is going to run for 6 months so we needed to turn the image into something we could easily adapt to each phase (without just changing out copy each time, which would get boring). Taking the initial artwork, cutting it out, turning it into a diorama and photographing it gives us much more scope to rearrange the artwork for various needs - street posters, screen savers, website, animations, single page ads, double age ads etc. check out download page to see the some examples. The screen savers really show off both the initial illustration, and the effects of design applied to it. It also looks heaps better without all the copy and logos!

we also loved the no tongue version, but being an alcohol brand we have real strict advertising guidelines and if anything is deemed mildy offensive it's a no go. It's just the industry - but between you and me I'm sure it will make an appearance before the campaign is finished.

Just though you might like to understand changes from a clients view! It's an amazing sketch, so thanks heaps to Austik!

Rowan from 42

Autistk said...

Hi Rowan, thanks for replying!

I supplied all the objects on the poster layout I did as individual objects so it was all very customisable at the other end, they didn't have to chop up the layout I supplied.

My complaint, if I had one, was that the final diorama solution was never ever run past me at any stage in the process, which seems strange. You can see how that might've come as a bit of a shock to me. Hell, I never got emailed final designs from onedesign, I had to stumble across it accidentally online. It gives the impression people weren't comfortable with what they did to my imagery, but who knows... As I hope is evident from my original post (and others on this blog), I value honesty and communication, so it strikes something of a sour note.

Anyway, I'm not upset, just seems like communication between the designers, you guys and myself wasn't the strongest. It happens.


Autistk said...

oh and ben, the colouring on the sketch was done in photoshop with standard-ass round brushes with about 75% hardness. It's the smudginess of the pencil sketch that makes the colours look more watercolourish. Works nicely ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hadley,

yeah, see your point. I don't think the intention was ever to take the work and turn it into something that the artist wasn't happy with. I think the designer just wanted to give it that cut out feel as a further point of difference / design element. I agree good communciation never goes astry though.

For the record, we've had amazing feedback on artwork, so you'll be pleased to know people are really liking it. I've been passing them to your site.

Let me know if you want to see more of how the artwork is being used and I'll send it through.