Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A slight departure


As you can see (if you're even vaguely familiar with my work anyway) this is pretty different from other recent stuff. This was borne partially out of feeling kinda stale on my usual methods, and partially I just wanted to hoon about in photoshop again. Plus I've realised designing stuff all the time to look like screenprints is kinda dumb if they're never going to be screenprinted so I may as well make the most of my tools. No doubt I'll get over this way of thinking by the time my next poster comes up.

Conceptually I'm really happy with this poster. Make of it what you will, but I think it works in both a glass half-full way, as well as the more pessismistic take.  All depends on your outlook.  Also, it should be noted the poster loosely includes all the old So So Modern costume colours (Red Blue Green Yellow). The other thing was, when I came up with that band-aid peace sign idea, I googled around a bunch trying to find an example of it. It seemed like one of those super obvious ideas that would've been done somewhere. And no doubt it has. but I couldn't find it. No doubt some bastard will go, re-do the idea even better and makes a billionty dollars off it and I will huff futilely on this here blog.

I'll make a process post shortly,  including the initial sketches and scribbles that kicked it off, plus the aborted Flash-drawn version and the evolution of the final piece. Not that any of you even give a shit! Bastards.


Larissa said...

dude that looks fucking amazing@!!!!!!##@#@!!!!!!!!!

i haven't been online in an attempt to get shit done. hopefully it will pay off soon.
but i miss you!

stubert said...

Heal the world?