Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sora Shima Update


This was a really gruelling project, and took a long long time. Far longer than I care to even estimate.  I spent forever trying to get the band name looking right, with a mix of organic vineyness and illegible legibility. I haven't spent any time drawing logos for Black Metal Bands so it didn't come naturally. Anyway this project evolved a lot, from the inital style (I like frame 2 a lot) to where it wound up, which was somewhere far more intense than I'd originally planned, but ultimately more how it should've gone from the start.

anyway, here's a bunch of incremental saves through out the process of designing this album cover. I sometimes run into problems with clients seeing work in progress pics and not being overly happy. I'll readily admit that a lot of my stuff looks pretty ratshit til about the 75% completion, which is where all the detail and polishing goes in (see also Holy Fuck poster.. .same deal). The last 25% is time consuming as hell, but I have to do it to make myself happy ultimately.

I think I'll  post up some more of these process gifs (if only to make myself realise how massively inefficient my workflow can be. This was definitely an extreme case though.) I tend to save incremental work files fairly frequently as I tend to make it up as I go along a bit, outside of having a general overall vision of how things are going. Depends on how paranoid I am about losing some sort of mid-project genius but overworking it and being able to dig it up again without too much trouble. I now realise that I have almost never gone back to an older file and they're just eating up harddisk space. I guess it's the hoarder in me.


Scheurbert said...

This is freakin' awesome. Quite possibly some of the best work you've done. Same could be said of the !!! poster.

Brendan said...

Hey Hadley, saw this on the Sora Shima myspace and as I said on there: I nearly shit myself! Amazing work dude.

My process is similar to yours in that my pics look like shit until close to being finished, as well as the excessive progress saves that I never open again, but save just in case.

But anyway, it really paid off - looks fucking great, mate!