Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm just as confused as I am

having faces on your fingertips would be impractical, whether you're a regular person or a giant with freakishly long fingers. Maybe it's Larry?

It's a while since I've straight up drawn a poster. I mean, it was inked digitally and changed quite a bit once that was done, but I had it somewhat figured out on paper. Just for giggles, here's the initial sketch. I very rarely draw things that big... generally my sketchbook pages are crammed with tiny drawings. To illustrate my point (hurhur), look to the right of the picture on the left

 scribble i like the effects pedal on this page. as long as none of you bastards rip it off it'll probably show up somewhere else.

I've been trying to draw more human characters lately.. or at least things with two eyes. I was drawing cyclops characters for a long time cuz I had trouble getting 'real' faces looking right. Felt like it was time to try and, I dunno.. improve? I feel like it's working thus far.

While I was working on this poster I had in mind that it was kinda like a companion piece to my first poster. As is my way, I didn't look at it for reference at all. I tend to work off how I remember things in my head rather than look at references as I tend to wind up getting way too particular. And things come out a little less derivative if I do things that way. Anyway, I looked at the first poster now and they're similar only a really base level. Anyway.. here's that poster for your old timey poster eyeballs

sorta similar, but kinda pretty real different. I think it seemed similar mostly cuz I illustrated them both in Illustrator.

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