Thursday, April 17, 2008

dear blog, sorry about the neglect. here's some pictures of recent things.

This poster was a huge amount of work (that I made for myself really... no one asked me to be a tard and do multiple allnighters on it), but at least it kinda shows. Click on the pic to see it bigger. There's a lot of stuff going on in there. Some narrative too, but odds on you'll only pick up on it if you're massively sleep deprived. I hate logos.

Album cover for Flip Grater. Stack o' cups. Stacks! This one was a bit of a mission... part of the reason I haven't updated lately is because my personal life went to hell, taking all my creative drive along with it. I struggled for ages to even come up with a concept for this cover... actually I had an initial concept that'll find a new life in another form, but yeah. It got done in the end.

This was designed for a one-off LP cover for a compilation put together by Mr Jonathan Bree of The Brunettes. Sadly copyright and vinyl press issues seem to have killed the whole deal for the time being. I'm considering dropping the text off and just doing an art print. Any takers?

In Fighting the Shakes related news, we've been chosen to open for Against Me! at their Wellington show on May 6. New Wave was one of my favourite albums of 07 so I'm really stoked about it! We're also opening for the Mint Chicks at their next welly show on May 9th.
We shot a video for Your Life Is Over last weekend, which I've just begun to edit. No idea how it's gonna come together, but something'll go up on here when it's done.
and finally, we're breaking up at the end of May.

should have some more new stuff to lay on you in the next couple of weeks!

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Anonymous said...

Hey good stuff Hadley.. and update.. nice one geezer. I bought an Xbox 360.. GTA comes out tomorrow. it's an exciting time to be John. heh. I'm all booked to come down for the 22nd of May as well..