Monday, June 12, 2006

Ian aka Blink who runs the whole A Low Hum empire offered me a full page advert in the upcoming issue of A Low Hum (for the tour I did the poster for... that I haven't posted here.... hrmm)... anyway, I threw this together fairly quickly but I think it looks okay and should hopefully generate some more work. Not holding my breath though.

As a random aside, Will, who runs the fledgling label Out of Kilter just informed me that while round at some guys place the other day, he saw he had a framed Pure Evil Trio poster on his wall. That's fucking CRAZY.... I don't even have framed copies of any of my posters! Stoked indeed!

oh yeah, and I'll figure out what font settings I want to use on here soon enough... until then, it's gonna all look a bit random.


Chris said...

hey thats me!, we've got framed posters of neil robinson's (the person) henderson tour poster (the one with the exclamation marks) too; plus a few more A3s. you can get frames for $3 from the warehouse

Autistk said...

man, that rules! very flattering! and $3 you say? I shall have to investigate

you rule!

Anonymous said...

Someone walked into midnight a couple of weeks back with the pure evil trio poster AS A PATCH.